Michelle Causton, FCPA, FCGA, MBA

Michelle CaustonI am an educator, teacher, author, content specialist, communicator and accountant. 

After many years in public accounting, I took my passion for explaining the benefits (and pitfalls) of accounting to Canadore College (North Bay, Ontario). As full time faculty I brought my joy of accounting, tax and management to students. I recently retired from Canadore but continue to teach part time at Nipissing University.

During years of service to my professional association, culminating as president of the Certified General Accountants of Ontario, I gained insight into governance and communication. I learned firsthand that words, like clothes, can be used to reveal or conceal. Men and women use different communication styles and strategies which occasionally (frequently) leads to misunderstanding. 

Communication is key to learning, teaching, ethics - to professional and personal success.  

As a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS) I share my humour, insight and expertise with audiences of accountants, academics, businessfolk and anyone else who will listen. 


Learning need not be tedious. I always frame my lessons, lectures and seminars with the simple philosopy - If it's not fun, why are we doing it? 

Sometimes the answer to that question is: because knowing the rules is critical to playing the game. The fun will come later. 

Of course, it all depends on your idea of "fun" but that is for you to decide. 

The world is complex. As an educator my job is to make parts of it understandable. This is no small task, but it is enough.


You can reach me at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.