The ability to deliver information is critical. Whether you are making a speach at a wedding, presenting formal information, promoting a product or business, or interviewing for a new job -- presentation skills are a must.

You have either agreed to sit on a board or you are mulling over the request. What are your responsibilities? How can you ensure you will do the best job possible for the organization?

Telling a white lie

Life is complicated and sometimes it is difficult to figure out "the right thing" to do. Is it possible to do the right thing and still get it wrong? When is it alright to tell a lie? Shouldn't we always do what the boss tells us to do?

Pivot Table Magic

Curious about Excel's Pivot Tables?  You bring the laptop - I’ll bring the data. Together we will explore Pivot Table fundamentals and maybe, get a little crazy.

We all know that Excel is an extremely powerful program but how can you harness it to serve your needs? The first step is to sample the types of things you can do – things that are relevant to the average business user. This sampler and your imagination will take you to new levels of spreadsheet mastery.


Sometimes a good presentation will be even better with sound and pictures. Whether you use PowerPoint or some other slideware, you want to ensure that it supports and enhances what you have to say.